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2008 Annual Report | Booklets Design | Thomas Scott Layman
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2008 Annual Report

Blue Ridge School

This Annual Report booklet was created for the Blue Ridge School to describe to their donors the annual financial conditions and operations from 2008. This piece was printed in full color for the front and back cover and the first and last 3 pages of the booklet, leaving pages 4-35 in black and white. The headline of this report is titled “Looking Back To Look Forward” inorder to highlight the subject of the impending retirement of the Blue Ridge School’s Headmaster, Dr. David Bouton, after the graduation of the Class of 2009. It talks about how Dr. Bouton will be succeeded by Dr. John O’Reilly and goes on to talk about an interview with the retiring Headmaster.

This Annual Report (created for a school) contains information about annual funds, campaign, the total gifts, annual giving recognition, and gift recognition. The planned, cumulative, and endowment giving is also listed in this booklet along with the names of the Board of Trustees, the Honorary Board, and the Board of Trustees Emeritus.

The Blue Ridge School is an all-boys private boarding school for grades 9-12. The school was founded in 1909 by Reverend George P. Mayo with only one building on 148 acres. The school is still located at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains and today sits on nearly 750 acres of land in St. George, Virginia.

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