Design. Print. Deliver.

We can create any type of graphic design or print marketing materials for your business or corporate needs. Anything from brochures, flyers, and rack cards to product packaging, banners, catalogues, business cards, sales sheets, trade show booth designs, and more.

Brochure Design & Flyers

An effective way to reach a versatile audience is through a well designed and informative brochure, flyer, or rack card. They’re a great grab-and-go solution to easily inform busy customers on exactly what you are trying to promote or sell. Whether it’s advertising a business, product, or service, flyers and brochures can reach the masses in a timely and cost effective manner.

  • 2016 Rack Card
  • A Taste New Kent 2016 Wine Festival Rack Card
  • Answering The Call Brochure
  • Robby Gordon Hero Card
  • Chickahominy Health Wellness Program Brochure
  • E.T. Moore Rack Card
  • Hometown Heroes Multi-Location Flyer
  • Hometown Heroes Teachers Trifold
  • John Marshall 260th Birthday Celebration Program
  • John Marshall Foundation Brochure
  • Masquerade Ball Flyer
  • MODWORX card
  • New Kent Bicycle Map Brochure
  • New Kent Farmers Market Opening Flyer
  • New Kent Winery Rack Card
  • Patrick Henry Place Neighborhood Map Flyer
  • Property Flyer
  • Rack Card
  • Retail Opportunities Trifold
  • Subtank And Moxie Bundle
  • The Heart of the Eastern Seaboard
  • Vaultz Point of Sale
  • Visitors Guide Brochure
  • Volunteer Rack Card

...Working with Scott has by far been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business...

Rousawn Dozier, Speaker and Consultant
RM Dozier & Associates

Package Design

In the consumer’s mind, the quality level of the product’s packaging is connected to the quality of the product inside. Therefore, it is very important to have a high-quality and memorable design for your products packaging.

  • Virginia Chardonnay Wine Bottle
  • Virginia Chardonnay Reserve Wine Bottle
  • Virginia Vidal Blanc Wine Bottle
  • Virginia White Norton Wine Bottle
  • Virginia Meritage Red Wine Bottle
  • Virginia Merlot Wine Bottle
  • Grandpa’s Choice Premium E-Liquid
  • Moon Glow Premium E-Liquid
  • Smerf Vendetta Premium E-Liquid
  • Gold Rush Premium E-Liquid
  • Flipside
  • Phoenix Premium E-Liquid
  • Prism Luma - Sunrise Label
  • Prism Luma - Deco Label
  • Prism Ombra - Gold Label
  • Prism Ombra - Verna Label
  • Prism Chroma - Aqua Label
  • Prism Chroma - Lux Label
  • Blood On The Water
  • Dare To AVAIL Game Set
  • DVD Label Design
  • Electronic Cigarette Packs
  • MODWORX Batteries
  • Premium E-Liquid Display
  • Three Bottles
  • Water Bottle Design

... Scott is not only a highly talented and skilled graphics guy, he’s right there with the best of them when it comes to website design as well as video shooting and editing...

Gary Green, President
Gary L. Green Advertising/Marketing

...Viewers of my films tended to chime in with the following comments and questions — “I enjoyed the ‘look’ of this film.”....”I like the way that shot was framed.”....“Who was your cinematographer?”.... “How did you achieve that lighting? Was it natural or filtered in post production?” ALL of the aforementioned can be attributed to the masterful eye, keen preparation, and creative lensing of Thomas Scott Layman...

Bill Brock, actor / director / screenwriter
Independent filmmaker; Brock’s Monkey Productions

Booklets & Catalogues

A booklet is a great way to present multiple aspects of your business in a multi-page document. Booklet can also be used for directories, product and service catalogs, manuals, and annual reports.

  • 2008 Annual Report
  • 2009 Alumni Image Book
  • Buyer’s Guide
  • Hardware Catalogue
  • Infuse User Guide
  • Vaping 101 Introduction
  • Wholesale Catalogue

Clothing & T-Shirt Designs

Branded t-shirts continue to bring awareness to your business. When a customer wears your t-shirt, it becomes a walking advertisement for your company.

  • Logo Men’s Shirt
  • Five Oh Men’s Shirt
  • Curbside Cafe Womans Shirt
  • See Freedom Speak Shirt Design
  • Virginia Pure Men’s Shirt

Sales Sheet Design

Used as a handout or as inserts in a media kit, Sales Sheets are a great informational tool for networking events, conferences, and business presentations.

  • E.T. Moore Sales Sheet
  • Fuel Fact Sales Sheet 1
  • N. Chasen And Son Sales Sheet
  • Proietto Painting Sales Sheet
  • Proietto Pro-tech Sales Sheet

Direct Mail Design

Direct mail advertising allows you to target specific customers based on their location, age, and other factors. We can create a successful direct mail marketing campaign that can bring much needed recognition to your product, or service.

  • Cambria Cove Direct Mail
  • Jon Baliles 2016 Mayor Direct Mail
  • Landscape Direct Mail
  • Spring Direct Mail

Sign & Display Design

A great way to stand out from your competitors is to produce eye-catching displays, signs, and banners for your business. Displays and signs help to advertise and inform customers about your products and services while drawing attention away from the competition.

  • 2016 Thank You New Kent Winery Plaque
  • Bike Map Poster Display
  • Blue Avail Feather Banner
  • Cambria Cove Map
  • Construction Drawing Cover Design
  • Covington II Wall Display
  • Green Top Sale 15%OFF Clothing Sign
  • House For Sale Sign
  • IFMG Tradeshow Booth (2)
  • Jon Baliles For Mayor Of Richmond Yard Sign
  • Justice In The Classroom Stfoa Banner
  • Missing In Action Banner Sign
  • Money Level Sign Design
  • Moxie Display
  • Parker Agelasto For City Council Yard Sign
  • Patrick Henry Community Clubhouse Center Wall Display
  • Peach Banner
  • Riverside Park Drive North Sign
  • Russells Flight Sign
  • Side Sell Display
  • Signage Bid Document Page 32
  • Stand Up Display
  • Thomas Temple Allan Collection Sign
  • Trade Show Booth Display
  • Tradeshow Booth 2013

...Scott works as your partner and provides feedback and alternative ideas that frequently improve upon your original idea. He has a very wide skill set and is willing to find creative solutions to the problem set you have...

Matt Athayde, Qualtiy Manager

Poster Design

Posters can reach a wide variety of people and are made to communicate to everyone or a particular audience. Posters can be found everywhere, from bus stops and malls to retail spaces and community centers.

  • 2014 Virginia Mega Mile Poster
  • 2016 Muscle Car Poster
  • 2017 Grand Illumination Poster
  • Festival Flight 2016 Poster
  • Join The Fight Poster 1
  • Matt Lifestyle Poster
  • MyCafe Rewards Poster
  • Rob Lifestyle Poster
  • Sage Lifestyle Poster
  • Taste Of New Kent 2016 Poster

... Scott’s professional videos are always delivered promptly while exceeding any expectations that I have for each project undertaken ...

D.J. Harrington, CSP, Certified Speaking Professional
Phone Logic, Inc.