Rack Card


This Rack Card was created for AVAIL Vapor to be a cost-effective promotional piece to educate customers on their retail stores and products. This piece was printed in full color on both sides with a width and height of 4"x9". This rack card was designed to create foot traffic for several AVAIL Vapor stores. It is designed to grasp and hold onto potential customer’s attention by using compelling colors that work together, brief but memorable text, and engaging images. The front of this rack card is laid out in a way that avoids clutter and unnecessary information in order to create a smooth design layout.
The front of the rack card simply states "Passion. Innovation. Taste." and is followed by the AVAIL Vapor web address. The AVAIL Vapor logo is seen almost floating in the vapor that is rising up around five eliquid flavor bottles.
On the back of the rack card, there is a main caption that says "Make the Switch" and is followed by a short write-up about how people should switch from smoking to vaping. It then invites the reader to "Come visit us!" listing several retail stores locations, finally it encourages the viewer to inquire more about this product by saying "Learn more at AVAILVapor.com" at the bottom of the card.


AVAIL Vapor Rack Card Print Side 1
Side One
AVAIL Vapor Rack Card Print Side 2
Side Two

... Scott is not only a highly talented and skilled graphics guy, he’s right there with the best of them when it comes to website design as well as video shooting and editing...

Gary Green, President
Gary L. Green Advertising/Marketing