Blue Ridge School

Spring Direct Mail

Blue Ridge School

Thinking of a way to grab the attention of alumni and parents, I found an old photo of a teacher that I felt might spark some interests. That turned out to be a great idea since that same teacher was retiring that year and would bring back lots of memories. One the inside, I created a set of 3D generated blocks to help visualize the levels of funding that the school needed.

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Side One
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Side Two

...Viewers of my films tended to chime in with the following comments and questions — “I enjoyed the ‘look’ of this film.”....”I like the way that shot was framed.”....“Who was your cinematographer?”.... “How did you achieve that lighting? Was it natural or filtered in post production?” ALL of the aforementioned can be attributed to the masterful eye, keen preparation, and creative lensing of Thomas Scott Layman...

Bill Brock, actor / director / screenwriter
Independent filmmaker; Brock’s Monkey Productions