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Tere NFCC Award Video

Green Light Communications

This video was produced in conjunction with Green Light Communications for Consumer Education Services Inc. (CESI) to be presented at the NFCC Awards of Excellence dinner. The NFCC Brighter Financial Future Award was awarded to Teresita Manrique for her work as a Certified Financial Counselor at CESI. This video was presented along with the award at the NFCC Connect Conference in Washington D.C. This was a huge accomplishment for Teresita who had only been working at CESI for 2 months before receiving this award.

The interviews were conducted by Lindsay Priester, of Green Light Communications. The interviewees were asked about how they knew Teresita and different questions about their opinions of her. They were also given the opportunity to say a few words to congratulate Teresita on receiving the NFCC award.

We traveled to Raleigh, NC to shoot the audio and video for each of the interviews and “B-roll” footage. This involved setting up lighting, mics, and cameras in different locations for each interview. After the filming was completed, we proceeded to sync the video and audio segments, edit and adjust the clips, and finally compile everything together to create the three minute long video that you can view here.

...Viewers of my films tended to chime in with the following comments and questions — “I enjoyed the ‘look’ of this film.”....”I like the way that shot was framed.”....“Who was your cinematographer?”.... “How did you achieve that lighting? Was it natural or filtered in post production?” ALL of the aforementioned can be attributed to the masterful eye, keen preparation, and creative lensing of Thomas Scott Layman...

Bill Brock, actor / director / screenwriter
Independent filmmaker; Brock’s Monkey Productions