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This website was created for Boddie-Noell Enterprises for their 350+ Hardee’s franchises. This site was created to help potential employees understand what jobs are available in their area and apply for that position. It also supplied information about Boddie-Noell, Hardee’s, and worker benefits.

In the “Our Story” section, you can learn about Boddie-Noell’s history, their purpose, vision and values of the company. This section also offers information about how Boddie-Noell gives back to the community through supporting organizations such as the Special Olympics, our military, camp Boddie, and medical research.

The design of this website was created using the Hardee’s brand guidelines for the color scheme, fonts, and imagery while appearing fun and easy to navigate. This makes the site interesting and tells the potential future employees that this is a good, worthwhile company to work at and that they care about their employees.

A big part of the web development of this site was programming a custom content management system on top of WordPress to manage available Hardee’s jobs and the location of those jobs so the viewer can search by zip code or job position. It also integrates with popular job search sites such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter.

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...We have worked with Scott for over 10 years. He developed our first website and now recently completed an update on that same website. Both times he has taken ideas in my head, and make them into reality no matter how crazy they sound. Our website has always been at the top of the search engines generating website leads, phone calls, and most importantly sales...

Taylor Moore, VP
E T Moore Manufacturing Inc